Chioma, Davido’s number one, things you might want to know about her

Chioma, Davido's number one, thing you might want to know about her

  • Chioma, Davido’s number one, thing you might want to know about her
  • Another question that might be ringing on your mind is how Chioma Avril Rowland became Davido’s girlfriend

Chioma, is the one and only girl who seems to have won Davido’s heart. With all what is going one between these lover, there is no telling how soon Davido will take Chioma to the alter. Davido who apparently has been a play boy all his life now seem to be serious with one girl for the first time in his life as he has already introduced Chioma to his family officially.

Chioma Avril Rowland’s biography

You might want to get to Chioma better and how she met Davido. Chioma Avril Rowland was born in April, 1 1995 into a family of Seven-day Adventist. She is from Imo State with siblings, namely Jennifer, who is a fashion designer and Ifunanya the youngest in the family.

The 23 year old Chioma is just 3 years younger than her celebrity boyfriend. She was an Economics student at Babcock University and therefore supposed to graduate a few years back until ‘omo baba olowo’ (O.B.O) came into her world and then education was no longer to priority to her. Although gossips have spread that Chioma Avril Rowland’s parents have disowned her for neglecting the continuity of her education in disobedience to them.

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However, another noticeable quality on Chioma apart from her curves and beauty is the fact that she has proven to be a great cook, going by her Instagram page @thechefchi. This apparently must have been one of the charming attractions that has won Davido’s heart.

Another question that might be ringing on your mind is how Chioma Avril Rowland became Davido’s girlfriend. Of course these lovers met at Babcock University and it might shock you find out that Davido  and Chioma have known each other for over five years which means she is not a new face in Davido’s life. Although the playboy has baby mamas but it seem he had been with Chioma ever before getting to know his baby mamas.

However, things got really serious in the beginning of this year 2018, especially with the noticeable actions ranging from introducing her to his parents to posting a lot of her photos to his Instagram (@davidoofficial), and even commented under one of Chioma’s pictures that he wants to marry her.

Another sign of commitment to Chioma by Davido was a song he dedicated to his girl. The song is called ‘Assurance’, with Chioma featuring on the spotlight alongside her boyfriend. Davido adores and admire her especially with how good she is with his kids. All Davido could say is that he wants to make her his officially.

As it is the dream of many girls to be the officially of a celebrity, Chioma seem to be very lucky among many as luxury lifestyle and elegance has become commonness with since she has been known with ‘omo baba olowo’ (O.B.O). Her boo showers her with presents, from designer clothes to incredibly expensive cars. However, for her most recent birthday, Chioma received a Porsche that is reportedly worth ₦45 million.

One of many fortunes that has come to Chioma, out of being Davido’s girl was the fact that she has become very famous and managed to gather over half a million followers on her Instagram. This fame has brought her another fortune of deal with one of the most popular shopping malls in Abuja by the name of Dunes Center where she is showcasing some of the products sold at the mall on her page and starring with Davido in the advert for the Dunes Center.

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Though Chioma Avril Rowland is so reserved in posting things on her social media handle which is why her follower always look forward to her posts. As we observe with crossed fingers looking forward to the wedding announcements of these lovers, you might want to keep in touch with us here as has and will always remain your reliable source of newsfeed as they break firsthand!


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