Trending: Women’s pants as the most wanted commodity in the “Yahoo” market

How the used pants of females became a very special commodity is still a wonder.

yahoo boys
yahoo boys

How the used pants of females became a very special commodity is still a wonder.

It is no longer news that our female folks are now increasingly being more careful with how they expose their underwears, particularly the pants because of the widespread news of the dreaded yahoo boys using female pants for rituals.

Many ladies no longer spread their undies outside so as not to fall victim to these desperately wicked individuals. It is also reported that some ladies now go out without putting on their pants because these desperate yahoo ritualists now collect the pants of ladies at gun points.

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It is no longer a thing of “Your money or your life. It is now “Your pant or your life”. On realizing that some ladies no longer go about with pants, these ritualists now buy new pants, force ladies to wear them and collect them back almost immediately. It is reported that they sell these pants for as high as N250.000 to N500.00 and the victims will either become sick, lose their minds or experience some other misfortunes.

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Could there really be any justifiable reason for this act? This is just another dimension of the wicked world that we live in and more worrisome is the fact the perpetrators of this dastardly act are young and vibrant youths that many believe are the future of this great nation.

The rate at which some of these youths under the umbrella of Yahoo scamming, get involved in rituals is really increasing at an alarming rate and it is high time they are checked.

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More efforts should be exerted by the all and sundry in discouraging this abominable act. Our young ones should be exposed to more opportunities that can build them up positively and equip them enough to be able to contribute to the growth and development on the society.

We should be more vigilant and conscious of what goes on in our environment and be prompt to report any suspicious act to the appropriate quarters.

Evil communication is said corrupt good manners. We should be mindful of the kind of friends that we keep so that we don’t move with friends who will get us involved in evil or get us implicated.

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