2019 Elections: The Quest of Ajimobi, APC to Cling to Power in Oyo

The ruling party in Oyo State, APC has not made hidden its resolute resolve to cling to power in the state and the incumbent governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi has been very vocal about this stance of the party.


The ruling party in Oyo State, APC has not made hidden its resolute resolve to cling to power in the state and the incumbent governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi has been very vocal about this stance of the party.

The governor has insisted that their party has the best candidate among all the contestants for the governorship seat in the state.

According to Ajimobi “Look at the candidates around, especially the governorship candidates. Of all the candidates around, just look at what people use to access potential performer. They call them the KYI (Key Performance Indicators).

We are saying of all the people around, Bayo Adelebu is the most qualified to occupy that position of the next governor of Oyo State, whether it is educational background, professional antecedents, decency, integrity, whether it is all rounded indicators that people use.  “I have been a manager of men in well-established multinational company, not ‘Ewero Enterprises’ and not one man business. I have worked with Shell Petroleum and I got to the top at the National Oil, which was referred to as Shell Marketing. Outside Nigeria, I was chief executive, covering West Coast Francophone.

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“Adelabu worked in the financial industry, banking, consultancy, and he got to the top. He has track record. You must look at track record of people. Some people will say they can carry elephants. Go and check, have they carried cat before, or have they carried rat? So, when people come and say they will do this and that, ask them what have you done before?

“I am saying of all of the candidates, the records are there, go and check, where have they worked? Where they worked, where did they get to? The business they are doing that they are claiming they are big men, what business are they doing? Is it just one big contract from somebody and you say because of that you are a big man, you are experienced. Is it people that are saying they are lawyers that have never been to court? And those that have been to court, have they ever won a case?

“So, look at the background of all these people running around.  Some are pure politicians, who don’t know anything. Some will say they are doctors, and cannot speak one correct sentence in English. They will say they have PhD, PhD from where? They don’t even know the third person singular. They don’t know grammar. What we are saying is that in Oyo State, we need quality people. It is the only way things can improve.”

However, there have been concerns from various quarters over the competency of Adelabu for the number one position in the state and many continue to fault is readiness and capability to deliver if given the mantle. According to some critics, the things he  has been saying at rallies are slangs such as ‘Gbe body email’, ‘Aja Two, Aja Four Gbera’, ‘Ji Masun,’ as well as repeatedly saying that he would consolidate on the works of the current administration when he gets to power.

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In replying the critics, Adelabu said: “I am just happy that I am contesting on the platform of APC. So, we are not starting from the scratch. We have leverage. We have a platform. We have a blueprint.  We have a plan that will see to the utmost development of Oyo State.

“I will not start from the scratch because there has been a lot of background or foundation works carried out or done by the incumbent governor, who is our party leader, at the state level.

“It is on this foundation that I am going to leverage on. It cuts across all the critical sectors in our economy; from security to mechanized agriculture, to housing, to education, to health, to environment, to transportation and transport management system, even up to job creation, to Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) at the state level.”

“There is an agreed blueprint that we are working with, in our party. The example is not farfetched. We have seen it working out in Lagos State, which is continuity till the 20th year of progressive rule in Lagos State. This is why Lagos is a success story. So, it is not a bad idea for us to replicate that in Oyo State.  “Though, we did not start until 2011 when the incumbent governor came in, it is better late than never. We have started now and we will not stop.”

Ajimobi, talking about the supremacy of APCs candidates said: “our party had painstakingly chosen the best candidates; the bright, the efficient and the effective for the governorship, senatorial, House of Reps and State Assembly positions. They will do the state proud if elected into offices.”

The governorship race continues to gaining momentum in the state with many frontline contenders in the race.


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