2019 Elections: Reno Omokri tells the biggest sin of Jonathan against Northern elites


Reno Omokri, former presidential aide, has revealed the biggest sin of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan against the powerful elites of the core Northern Nigeria.

In a post made on his Twitter handle on Sunday, Reno noted that the biggest sin of Jonathan against the Northern elite was his determination to educate the Almajiris.

Reno disclosed that Jonathan’s decision to build Almajiri School did not go down well with Northern elite who feared that the plans would deprive them of army of gullible youth.

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“Former President @GEJonathan’s biggest sin against the power elite of the core North, was his determination to educate Almajiris.

“They feared that if he succeeded, they would lose their army of gullible youths, like those who jumped into gutters to celebrate @MBuhari’s reelection.”

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