Pastor Chris Oyhakilome reveals the secrets behind 5G and Covid-19

Pastor Chris Oyhakilome reveals the secrets behind 5G and Covid-19

Pastor Chris Oyhakilome

Pastor Chris made a shocking revelation about Convid 19 and 5G network.

In his word he said;

“5G is not Corona Virus and that 5G has a very dangerous effect on the human body”. He said further that those who are behind the creation are not doing proper research to stop the dangerous effect of the 5G rather they are just about the benefit of 5G and not looking into the negative effect it will cause to our health.

He said, the death recorded in China may not really be Corona Virus , that it might be the installation of the 5G. He didnt emphasis it to be the mark of the beast or the anti-christ, he only opened our eyes to the fact that all this thing happening now is showing how close we are to the rapture but that the push for Bill Gates idea to insert a chip on everyone through vaccination is one of the actualization of the agenda of the anti-christ which are;

  1. One world government
  2. One world Economy
  3. One world religion

He further pointed out that with the chip inserted through vaccination will serve as a mark to allow you do transaction, it would be your ATM, your mode of identification containing all information about the carrier, it would also be a tracker to monitor you. And there is no better technology that can make this happen rather than the 5G. All this is shown in the Bible about a mark of the beast that would be placed on your hand or forehead.

The prayer organized by pastor Chris was to bring all christians together to pray and stop the plans of the devil ahead of his time.

In other words, This vaccination is not suppose to be happening now. It should be after the rapture of the church, where laws would be made to force people to get the vaccination, which is the introduction of the chip (mark of the beast).


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